The interior of Indian restaurant Kohinoor is carefully decorated with traditional elements, to ensure that you get a pleasant and romantic experience while having lunch or dining with your friends or loved one. We can cater for various events and celebrations and can fit different group sizes at the restaurant. We actually do pay attention to every detail in the restaurant, to ensure your comfort and unforgivable memories.

For your convinience we have seperated our gallery in several sections.

Indian Food GalleryIndian Food Gallery
In the Indian food gallery you could take a peek at some of the dishes that we offer. All photos are our own and the food that you order will look very close to what you see in the gallery.
Restaurant Floor 1 - GalleryRestaurant Floor 1 - Gallery
Indian restaurant Kohinoor is situated on two floors. In this gallery you could take a peek at the first floor of the restaurant, which features about 30 seats. According to your needs we could rearrange the space to fit your event needs. The restaurant bar is also located at the first floor, which offers are more intimate and romantic feeling. and is situable for 2-6 perons reservations.
Restaurant Floor 2 - GalleryRestaurant Floor 2 - GalleryOn the second floor of Indian restaurant Kohinoor is the main hall, which has a capacity of around 50 people and is more spacious and suitable for larger parties and reservations for 4, 6, 10 and more people. According to our customer needs the seating could be rearranged to fit any event needs and requirements. There is also a small balcony for smokers.