Indian restaurant Kohinoor

Welcome to the largest Indian restaurant in Bulgaria, where you could taste a wide variety of exotic curries and tandoori dishes

Indian restaurant Kohinoor

At Kohinoor you could enjoy the perfect combination of cozy atmosphere, authentic Indian cuisine and the perfect service

Indian restaurant Kohinoor

Our wine selection is specially chosen to match the authentic Indian cuisine and will suit even the most demanding taste

Indian restaurant Kohinoor

The cozy athmosphere is suitable for business meetings, friends gathering and most of all a romantic date

Indian restaurant Kohinoor, Sofia

We are amazed by the Indian cuisine. The vibrant, intensely colorful world of Indian food is hidden between the four walls of Kohinoor Indian Restaurant. The menu, which is also visible in their website, has a hige variety of Indian dishes and when you first visit it, you think you can handle at least four dishes out of curiosity, but actually, one is just enough to feed your hunger. I highly recommend it to the people who have the unstoppable desire of exploring different worlds.

Alexandra Atanasova

I was in sofia end of travelling europe. I like asian food and I saw advert on the city map. It was very nice very clean place, we ordered food - OH MY GOD, it was the best indian food I had ever eaten! I am not exaggerating, I travelled more then 50 countries and always tryed indian food. I was saying the best curry was in Bradford in UK, untill I ate food in this retaurant. Now I say this is the best indian food I have ever eaten. I recomend to everyone, beside that very smily staff. If I go Sofia again I know where to eat best indian food. I wish good luck for the retaurant.


I had the pleasure to visit this wonderful restaurant with a few of my friends in Sofia. I can only say good things about this place, because the service was good and the food was even better! They had a special the day we went and they gave us a free desert! 5/5 would definitly recommend to a friend!

Amin Damiani96

Kohinoor Indian Restaurant is an absolute gem in Sofia. The food is authentic, high-quality Indian food prepared with care and fresh ingredients. The terrace is an ideal spot to dine, surrounded by lush greenery and candlelight and the service here is beyond compare. Thank you, Alexander! The two months we spent here in Bulgaria, we probably ate here more than any other restaurant. In addition, they have a fantastic selection of high quality, reasonably priced Bulgarian and International wines and beers to pair perfectly with the food. This is a definite stop if you're dining out in Sofia. Exquisite!

Ryan G

Having been here many times, it's about time I said what I thought. It is, in my opinion, by far the best place for a curry in Sofia. The decor is very well done and they have a pretty little 'garden' area where smokers can do their thing. Staff are extremely polite and friendly. Service is good, even when they seem very busy. They will advise on dishes and even suggest that you may be over-ordering. The menu is quite extensive; all the usual favourites plus a few new ones to try. Portions are generous; a rice dish is probably enough for 2 people.The food is well-cooked and very tasty. We've tried most things, from Korma up to Vindaloo. My favourite is a nice chicken madras. They have London Pride and Cobra beer in bottles, as well as the usual suspects. The atmosphere is always friendly and it makes for a very nice experience altogether. Enjoy!

Simon B

This restaurant invites you with it’s Far East spicy scent of food from the street. As a vegetarianism follower I fell in love with the veggie basmati rise, the slightly hot sauce “Masala” and the typical naan bread. I highly recommend this place, where the Far East meets the Balkan culture. Oops, I almost forgot the interesting beer and its sweet-bitter taste (it’s close to the taste of a craft beer)..

Plamena AB

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